Weight Loss


Many people struggle with weight loss, but the solution does not have to be a fad diet or supplement. Back pain causes many issues throughout the body – one of the less obvious is weight gain. As back or other joint pain increases, your physical activity and sleep quality decrease, and you may eat more as a result. Pain may worsen as you gain more weight, creating a vicious cycle where it becomes more difficult to exercise and sleep. Fortunately, the trained chiropractors at Total Wellness can reverse this trend!

When you visit our office, our doctors will evaluate your joints and spinal column to determine what procedures are needed. Sessions will provide immediate pain relief. Over time, chiropractic adjustments create wellness on a more holistic level by reenergizing the healing process and restoring metabolic functions.

Combined with the knowledge of our functional nutrition experts, chiropractic adjustments can be part of a larger program committed to returning your body to a healthy weight and activity level. Customized diets will amplify the benefits of our joint realignment procedures, supercharging the newly free metabolic functions to burn fat and fuel the body’s natural healing process.

As joints are realigned, you will find that exercise is easier, daily activity is more comfortable and stress-eating habits are reduced. In addition, chiropractic adjustments free you from dependence on pain medications that can include weight gain as a side effect. Combined, these benefits can contribute to natural weight loss without the need for supplements or medication. Weight loss from joint adjustments represents one of the many journeys to better health that Total Wellness can start on behalf of patients.


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